What is Lemolade?
Our mission is to celebrate the sweetness in life. Lemolade clothing conveys happiness in comfort and positivity, inspiring smiles for those who wear it and those who see them in the world.

Why Lemons?

We believe life is for living and embracing the bright side of things! Celebrating the optimism that lemons represent – longevity, purity, love, friendship – is a lot more fun than a not-so-positive alternate.

What is Lemons to Lemolade?

Lemons to Lemolade (L2L) is how we champion causes that reflect our mission. Throughout the year, Lemolade will release limited-edition, Lemons to Lemonade apparel to celebrate organizations that embrace optimism, empower positivity and focus on turning life’s lemons into sweet Lemolade.

How are we helping?

$5 from EVERY purchase made at Lemolade will be donated to the current cause that we are supporting.